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Hollywood Tries To Forget Rough 2014 - Nasdaq.com

That's behind the 2012 debut of the original "Woman in Black," which opened to $20.9 million and went on to gross $54.3 million. The second installment, which doesn't feature the original's star Daniel Radcliffe, takes place 40 years after the original film, and follows a group of London orphans and caretakers who move into a haunted house. The PG-13-rated sequel was acquired for distribution by Relativity Media LLC for $1 million. The studio targeted the early January release--a popular one for horror films--to appeal to younger audiences still on break from school, said Kyle Davies, president of world-wide distribution. About 65% of the opening-weekend audience was under the age of 25. In other box-office news, "The Interview," the controversial comedy starring Seth Rogen that was initially celebrity gossip pulled from theaters for its Dec. 25 opening only to be reinstated days before, expanded its limited release to 581 locations. The movie, about a pair of television journalists asked to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, drew the ire of hackers thought by U.S. officials to have ties to the Communist country.
Full story: http://www.nasdaq.com/article/hollywood-tries-to-forget-rough-2014-20150104-00019

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